We are a Christian based web development company, specializing in Full Stack Web Development. Our mission statement is as follows:

“How can we serve you?

Our worldview, ethics, and business principles are based on the principles of the Word of GOD. We believe that all truth is based on Jesus Christ and HIM alone. That HE is The Living WORD and the single source for all truth.

 The web applications we produce are based on innovation, re-usability and repeatable design patterns. We believe in the foundational principles of Gang of Four(GOF) and leverage that in all our designs. Choose I-X-CEL for your next web app, and we will guarantee that you will be satisfied with a responsive, DRY(Do Not Repeat Yourself) and platform independent solution that will position your business “in front of” the competition.

  Excelerate your business today!  

We can be reached at (928-771-8279) or via e-mail at (gwhite@ixcel.com).

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Isn’t it nice to know, my friend, that the best news you’ve ever heard is what you’ve just read. A message of truth. A message of hope. God WILL go a long way to satisfy the questions of an honest doubter. Ask God to show you who he is. See to it that you don’t squander today’s opportunity. Have a Blessed and safe Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

In Purpose,

Messianic Pastors Greg and Sheryl White

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