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March 27, 2013


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A taste of winter arrived early here on Wednesday, October 10th with 5 inches of new snow. The first of the year. After a wet summer, we saw the grace of the Lord spare us during the Dolce fire in June. This week, I got the privilege of spending a day in the mountains west of Flagstaff scouting for Elk with our Senior Pastor. The chipmunks are busy storing up for winter.
Lets take a moment today and thank our Lord today for a country where freedom of worship still reigns. Let us thank our Lord for the blessing of this fall season. The beautiful autumn leaves. Thanksgiving. Celebrate the gift of the birth of Christianity. The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the only hope for mankind in these end times. Apart from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ there is no hope. Today is the day for you to truly look at your life and say “I’m a sinner and need a Savior”. You’re running out of time, my friend. You’ve tried everything else and the emptiness..it’s just not worth it! Today is the day to turn your life around. Be assured that if you confess your sin and repent of your “sin centered” way of life and turn your life over to Jesus Christ, all of it, and if you commit your life to serving him and not yourself and not your job, only Jesus, you WILL be saved and will have eternal life. If you die today and do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life, you WILL spend eternity in hell,separated from God forever with no hope. The only hope you have in your life is to put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ and to turn everything you have over to him. That is the gospel message. Consider this before your leave this web. This might be the last chance you get. See my comment below on the public facing church in America and please leave a comment.


Reverend Sheryl and I will be spending the fall and winter renovating our cabin with some much needed storage cabinets. Both of us enjoy the outdoors and our cabin allows us many unique opportunities to enjoy the Lord in nature right here in our own backyard.

Click on the Photo Gallery link below and be “whisked away” to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado river. They are some of our favorite photos and we would love to share them with you.

We are a Christian based software engineering and consulting company. Our mission statement is as follows “To honor our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through the ministry of software engineering”. Our worldview, ethics, and business principles are based on the Word of GOD. We believe that all truth is based on Jesus Christ. That he is the WORD of GOD. That he alone is the single absolute source for all truth.

You can reach me at (928-771-8279) or e-mail me (gwhite@ixcel.com).

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Isn’t it nice to know, my friend, that the best news you’ve ever heard is what you’ve just read. A message of truth. A message of hope. God WILL go a long way to satisfy the questions of an honest doubter. Ask God to show you who he is. See to it that you don’t squander today’s opportunity. Have a Blessed and Safe Resurrection Day and pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Reverend Gregory Carl White Reverend Sheryl White

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